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114 Days Until Kickoff: Early Recruiting Commitments

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I've been taking a look at some of the recruiting we have done since 2004, because I was curious if there had been a time in which we had a few commitments lined up prior to the spring game, and generally the timing of when we land commitments.

Year Total  Before Spring Game Total By 5/12 Total By Fall Camp
2011 3 3 TBD
2010 0 1 5
2009 0 1 2
2008 0 0 4
2007 0 2 4
2006 0 0 6
2005 1 1 2
2004 0 0 4

If past history is any indication, there is a decent chance we may get another committment or two before fall camp. Heck, it could be more, but we will see.

Obviously, it's a good thing that we are getting more commitments earlier in the process. It shows that players want to come here. The program changing types of guys are harder to get, as they wait longer in the process to decide. But for Iowa State, if you can build a nice foundation in the early going, you can spend more resources later in the process to really hone in on a couple of guys.

After the jump are 10 of the 42 uncommitted offers (according to Rivals)  I'm keeping an eye on as a fan right now.

1. Antonio Marshall, DB, Iowa Western C.C. (JUCO) - According to Rivals, Iowa State is his only offer. He's a December grad and would help fill in for the departures of Leonard Johnson, Ter'ran Benton, Anthony Young, and Earl Brooks.

2. Germain Ifedi, OG, Houston, TX - This guy looks to be a solid, solid player. He's 6-5, 304, and has offers from Baylor, Colorado, Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Miss St., Missouri, Rice, and San Diego State. The Cyclone fan in me says our chances are long. The interesting thing is Tom Herman is listed as the recruiter, which tells me that this guy is probably a priority.

3. Seaver Myers, OT, Friendswood, TX - Iowa State is in his Top 6 along with Houston, UTSA, Tulane, UNLV, and Utah State. He's undersized in that he's 6'6 but only 290, and according to Rivals has a 3.7 GPA. I think we have a decent track record with landing guys who were only considering CUSA and Sun Belt schools in the past, so we will se what happens here.

4. Amara Darboh, WR, WDM, IA - He's 6'2, runs a 4.42 40, and has offers from Florida, Iowa, Kansas State, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin. So what the heck am I doing listing him? It probably has something to do with me working on trying to become a more positive, optimistic, person. It's a flaw of mine if you have noticed. It isn't often a football player in the area gets offers like this, and even if he doesn't go to Iowa State, I think following his recruiting story will be interesting.

5. Charles Rogers, ATH, Iowa City, IA - He only has an offer from Iowa State, but has been receiving interest from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Michigan State as well. The guy is 6'2, 185lbs, runs a 4.5 40, and has a 33 inch vertical. Unless there are some other kind of redflag with his academics, I'm assuming he picks up some more big offers down the road.

6. Chance Allen, WR, Missouri City, TX - According to Rivals, Iowa State and Tulsa are his only offers, however Arkansas, Rice, SMU, Missouri, and Texas A&M are looking at him. If a BCS conference school offers, it may be a tough land, but we will see how his offers progress throughout the process.

7. Adam Pavlenko, LB, Tempe, AZ - He has offers from Air Force, Navy, Utah State, and Iowa State. He's 6'0, 200lbs, and our staff has a good track record with LBs in the early going, and as noted, we do good when we aren't going up against heavy hitters, although Air Force and the Navy can offer an experience that cannot be matched. Just depends on what interests the kid.

8. Ladarius Newbold, ATH, Lancaster, TX - Has offers from us and North Texas. He is athletic, can run a 4.5 40, and has a 31 inch vertical. I'm assuming he'd be recruited as a WR or DB.

9. Kingsley Ike, DE, Pflugerville, TX and Victor Irokansi - They both play DE and both have offers from Texas State in addition to Iowa State. They are both  a bit undersized, in the 215-220 lb range, but both look to be quick. Landing DEs are tough, but these would be the type of guys Iowa State would be able to land in theory. It's the hardest position to recruit in all of football, so you have to take a guy that has a flaw (in this case probably size) and try to develop them. Getting a complete, impactful, DE at this stage in the program is probably unrealistic.

10. Jalen Mills, DB, DeSoto, TX - Has offers from Colorado State, Houston, North Texas, Tulsa, UTEP, and Virginia.