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Iowa State Football: James Capello Transferring To Tiffin University

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This morning, the Cyclones released a statement that James Capello is going to transfer to Tiffin University. Capello will likely be remembered by Cyclone fans not so much for what he did on the field (he didn't play much), but for his dad's posts on Cyclonefanatic. All winter and leading up to the spring, his dad posted that James was going to work his tail off and try and win the job. I guess they either changed their minds, or saw the writing on the wall.

It's tough when you are a sophomore, sitting 3rd on the depth chart behind two juniors, and are possibly getting overrecruited with the freshmen coming in as well. From what I understand, Capello knows the offense, but lacked arm strength to make all the throws needed. I think he also lacked the speed that some of the other QBs on the roster had.

Either way, he will play DII ball, get a chance to play a bunch I am sure, and also get to be closer to him (he's from PA). Best of luck to James.