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117 Days Until Kickoff: Weather Myths

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I was off on my days. My "120 days Until Kickoff" post should have stated 121 days until kickoff.

I have been doing some reading and thinking, and I know there is a sentiment out there about Big 12 South teams traveling north late in the year, particularly Texas and Oklahoma. I was reminded of this reading the comments on this site, and also reading some comments in stories about Oklahoma State coming to Ames for a night game.

Iowa State fans I think have this idea that if we play some Big 12 south teams in the cold, that there will be some kind of an advantage that will help the team win. In the back on my mind, I wonder if that is a myth.

When you look at the makeup of the team, I think the potential myth is more clear. Nearly half the guys on the roster  are from a "warmer winter" state (Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia).  Looking at the depth chart heading into fall camp, 44 of the 63 guys listed are from a "warmer winter" state than Iowa. If most of the meaningful players are not from a colder climate, how does playing in cold weather give the team an advantage? This team isn't filled with all midwestern kids that grew up playing in cold games their whole lives.

Adding to mix the team has an indoor practice facility (although I'm sure they do some outside practices to prep for cold games), and I just don't see it being the advantage that some make it out to be.

At the end of the day, I think the results to the games are going to be based on who the better team is on the given day, as opposed to external factors like the weather.