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Diante Garrett NBA Update

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We are about 6 weeks from the NBA draft, and Cyclone fans are wondering what is going to happen with Garrett. Hoiberg has talked about DG being a draft prospect for quite a while, while I have been very skeptical.

That said, I took a look at Chad Ford's draft prospects, and he has DG as his 67th ranked guy. With there being 60 picks in the draft, he is a fringe guy. Ford cites his Athleticism, Length, and Quickness as positives, while his poor shot selection, overall bad shooting as downsides. He also called him turnover prone.

When looking at the NBA draft, and looking at the last 5 picks or so, not many of those teams need more guards, and they are generally better teams, so opportunities to play are slim. Being drafted may not be in his best interest for that reason. Depending on the labor situation, I do think no matter what he goes to some camps. I just think he ends up in the D League.

As a point guard in the league, it's optimal if you can score. If you aren't a scorer, you can be a guy that comes in for a few minutes to run the offense while your starter gets a quick rest. A 5-10 minute a night kind of a guy. Since DG is being labelled by draft analysts as a guy who can't shoot, and a guy who turns the ball over too much, he will need to improve and try to shake those labels. Of course these last two paragraphs are entirley my opinion.

We will see what happens. The draft isn't until June 23rd, so there still is a lot of time.