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Calvin Godfrey Dismissed From Team

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Calvin Godfrey, we hardly knew ye.
Calvin Godfrey, we hardly knew ye.

The news came down the pike today that freshman power forward Calvin Godfrey has been dismissed from the Iowa State Cyclone men's basketball team by Coach Fred Hoiberg. Godfrey was found to be in possession of marijuana, and after being suspended for three games earlier in the season for a violation of team rules, Hoiberg decided it was best to part ways with Godfrey.

Calvin's departure leaves the Cyclones with two open scholarships going into the 2011-12 campaign, making it pretty imperative that they pick up a big man, whether it be former Dayton recruit Percy Gibson, or an unknown JUCO big. It also puts more pressure on Royce White, Anthony Booker, Melvin Ejim, Jordan Railey, and even Chris Babb to help out down low. That being said, one has to think Iowa State will be looking even harder at picking up a last moment big. The loss of Olu Ahshaolu does not help.

As far as Godfrey - best of luck to him. He simply racked up too many strikes here, and hopefully he can find success elsewhere.