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Kelechi Osemele earns 1st Team All-American Honors

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Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Phil Steele writes one of the best-selling college football preview magazines in existence. Over the last ten years, he has predicted conference standings more accurately than Athlon, The Sporting News, and Lindy's.

So when he names Kelechi Osemele as a Pre-Season 1st Team All-American, I'd say it's a damn good sign. Osemele joins fellow Big XII members Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma); Justin Blackmon (WR, Okie State); Ryan Broyles (WR, Oklahoma); and Michael Egnew (TE, Missouri) in recieving 1st team honors.

While no other Cyclones made the Pre-Season All-American list, Linebacker Jake Knott and Cornerback Leonard Johnson were named to the Preseason All-Conference 2nd Team. Other All-Conference recipients included Josh Lenz (PR, 3rd team); A.J. Klein (LB, 3rd Team); Kirby Van Der Kamp (P, 3rd Team); and Stephen Ruempolhamer (DL, 4th Team). Shontrelle Johnson has also apparently earned 4th team Kick Return honors for the University of Iowa Cyclones.

While Pre-Season accolades are usually worth about as much as the paper they're printed on, if Osemele can live up to the hype he will become the first Cyclone All-American since Center Ben Bruns in 2000. Here's hoping that Steele's record of prognostication continues to be accurate, and Osemele has a big season, maintaining his status as a projected 1st Round Draft Pick.