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Future Of Clone Chronicles

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Some of you may be wondering why I haven't written on the site in a while. The truth is, I just cannot keep up with running a website with my work and family obligations.  The truth is, Clone Chronicles has nearly run its course. I cannot get into details, but sometime around football season, there will be a new SB Nation site about Iowa State. I will be involved with that site, writing an article once a week or so about Iowa State. 

When I first started writing on here, I envisioned having the best Iowa State fan-oriented blog out there.... And I was way off the mark to be quite frank. I want the Iowa State presence to be stronger on SB Nation, and I think the future moves that you will see will help do just that.

I plan to do some writing on a macro-level about football this fall, which has become more of my passion, and that writing may come by way of fanposts on random blogs, and tweeting crap on my @Mark_Kieffer twitter account.

I am really thankful to have had the experience of running Clone Chronicles and writing about Iowa State Football and Men's Basketball. Much props goes to everybody that has helped me along the way, and the people that have been keeping this site going the last month and a half or so without me.

Last but not least, I have to thank all of you readers that made the trip to check the site out, posted comments, and wrote fanposts. Honestly, none of this is possible without having active, engaged readers. I hope all of you continue to come to the new site, and the Iowa State community on SB Nation can grow.