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19 Days Until Kickoff - Position Battles Update

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I was working on an article today about why the ISU/K-State/KU triumvate heading to the Big East would be a better move than most people give it credit for, but I realized something.

Conference Re-Alignment Scenarios are basically fan fiction for sports blog writers.

And that really doesn't need to go on here. We still don't know anything past "The SEC seems to be saying everything it needs to in order to avoid lawsuits" but once there's actual news regarding any conference shenanigans, we can start going down that road.

In the meantime, though, lets focus on a couple actual tidbits of real news. The QB battle appears to be as heated as ever, with no real separation showing yet between Jantz and Tiller. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but it did result in some excellent deadpan snark from Coach Rhoads when he was asked about it:

"I’m pretty sure one of the guys out there will start," Rhoads said.

Bravo, coach. If this were a blog comment, it would have come with trollface.jpg attached.

In Kicking news, it appears that Zach Guyer may be elbowing out Grant Mahoney for kicking duties. According to Rhoads, he has been far more consistent than Mahoney in practice. Now lets face it, if you've been an Iowa State fan at any point in the last, oh, ten years or so, you know that feeling of dread that seems to accompany even the most basic of kicks. But hey, that just makes the wins that much sweeter, right?

So why is Guyer just now overtaking his teammate after three years? Some might say that Mahoney has turned into something of a headcase (Missing 7 of the last 8 FGs he attempted last year) but my guess is that he's finally been able to concentrate now that the Guitar Hero series he enjoys has been put on hiatus for a few years. Hopefully he can maintain his consistency, as Iowa State is going to need all the points it can scrape together this year.