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Monday Morning Coming Down

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AHow was your Monday morning, Cyclone fans? Did any of you head back to work or school and revel in the sudden silence from Hawkeye haters? Did you hear excuses about the game being "Iowa State's Superbowl" and certain coaches being too conservative? It was a great weekend to be a Cyclone, and I'm still not sure I've come down from the highs of an absolutely perfect week of college football. Such perfection in a game is rare, and to not afford this game the proper reverence it deserves threatens to anger the capricious gods that govern college football.

In the meantime, Iowa State is getting a little love from the powers that be. Here's a few items of note after the fallout of this weekend's triple overtime thriller.

  • Steele Jantz was named Big XII Offensive Player of the Week. Admittedly, this was in a week when only half of the conference even had games, and Robert Griffin III did not play. Still, it was an absolutely fantastic performance and he deserves every accolade that comes his way regarding it.
  • Iowa State got two votes in the USA Today Poll. While it would likely take a win against Texas on Oct. 1st to actually catapult the Cyclones into the Top 25, a win at UConn may send a few more voted their way.
  • Speaking of polls, Iowa State also jumped into the "also recieving votes" category in the SBNation BlogPoll. Georgia blog DawgSports has us sneaking into the #25 spot, and TCU blog has the Cyclones as high as #22nd. Of course, he also has Texas one spot below us and Kansas one spot ahead of us, so he may just be a crazy person.
  • The attendance on Saturday was reported to be 56,085, making it the second largest crowd in Jack Trice History. The record was set before several renovations were made to the stadium that decreased it's overall capacity.
  • Some front page love from Yahoo! Sports.
  • Freshman Defensive Lineman David Irving's redshirt was burned Saturday, after he recovered faster than expected from an ankle injury. Expect to see him in the rotation from here on out.
  • A bit of unpleasant news. Wide Reciever Donnie Jensen was arrested for public intoxication, and was apparently standing in the middle of the street and shouting. Understandable after the win, but as always, discretion is the sober part of valor.
  • Speaking of intoxication, Mark Keiffer's Iowa-ISU recap is up over at (You remember him, right?) WRNL will be coming to the SBNation community as soon as the archives are parsed, but until then, you can get your Keiffer fix over at Bloguin.