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Time for a look around what remains of the conference.

IOWA STATE (3-0) - Along with Baylor, probably the school with the largest chance to be affected by the impending dissolution of the Big XII. We know that the Mountain West Conference has been in touch, and up until this weekend it was looking like the Cyclones might end up in that Island of Misfit Teams, but then the ACC went and snapped up Syracuse and Pitt as their 13th and 14th. This leaves the Big East with 6 football schools (7 with TCU) and scrambling to maintain their AQ bid.

If Oklahoma/Oklahoma State/Texas/Texas Tech form the Pac-16 as believed, The leftover Big XII teams could combine with the Big East remains to form a conference with both an east and west division. This is probably the best potential outcome for the Cyclones right now, assuming the conference can maintain the Big XII moniker and TV deals. It's not a permanent solution, but other conferences would be watching how the Pac-16 ends up working out and potentially looking to expand in the future.

Of course, UConn wants to become team #15 in the ACC instead of stay in the Big East, because they're still bitter about losing to Iowa State or something. I suppose it's sort of like losing to Vanderbilt or Indiana - takes a while to digest, even if we're on an upswing this year. Still, you'd think breaking Cy's arm would have been punishment enough.

OKLAHOMA - Has been allowing themselves to be openly courted by the Pac-12, and now we know why: Oklahoma knows the league can not survive without them, and have laid down a list of demands. Among them, limits on the power and scope of the Longhorn Network, and the ousting of Dan Beebe as commisioner. Beebe has been content to give Texas anything they want in recent years, and Oklahoma has finally had enough and drawn a line in the sand.

For those wondering, it takes a simple majority vote to oust a sitting commissioner.

Now it is entirely within the scope of reason that Oklahoma truly is just doing this to save face while they extract themselves and head to the Pac-12. But hell... what if it works?

OKLAHOMA STATE - Pretty much just along for the ride at this point. They'll go wherever Oklahoma does, most likely west. Out of the former doormats of the Big 8, they managed to come out in the best shape. They have a big road game at Texas A&M this week to kick off the Big XII season, so consider checking out that top 10 match-up while the Cyclones are off with their Bye week.

MISSOURI - Apparently has an invite to be the SEC's 14th team. Would rather go to the Big Ten, but isn't picky and was already eyeing the eject button last year. If they go, even Oklahoma can't save the league. Mizzou in the SEC might work, as Tiger fans are already known for their southern state status and glorification of a civil war tragedy.

TEXAS A&M - Still gone.

TEXAS - Potentially has the power to defuse the situation by backing down on some Longhorn Network benefits, but also has been told that they can bring their network with them to the Pac-12 as long as they allow some Pac 12 programing on it, thus removing a major road block to the creation of a Pac-16. May just be distracted enough by all of this to underestimate Iowa State one more time. (Texas game will be airing Oct 1st on the FX network at 6:00 pm EST)

TEXAS TECH - Doesn't need to start worrying unless Texas decides to go independent. Just as Oklahoma State is hitching their meal ticket to OU, Texas Tech is poised to piggyback into the Pac 16 on the back of the Longhorns.

BAYLOR - In the same situation as Iowa State. Could be a western division team in a merger conference, could end up in C-USA. It's hard to tell at this point.

KANSAS - Was a shoe-in for the Big East until the Big East got raided. Would likely end up in ISU's division if the merger conference became a reality.

KANSAS STATE - See: Kansas.