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As Mark Keiffer mentioned back in July, Clone Chronicles has run it's course as the Cyclone blog on SBNation. We simply never had enough authors to write about everything that needs to be written about on a good college sports blog. As such, the time has come for Clone Chronicles to take one final Curtain Call, and close up shop.

But do not fret! For while this site will remain dormant after this post, Mark Kieffer, myself, and CrossCyed will be joining forces with the new SBNation Cyclone Blog: Wide Right and Natty Lite! As you could probably tell from the constant plugs over the last few weeks. We will all be doing pretty much exactly what we're doing on this site, only now we'll be doing it with a whole bunch of other degenerates who love the Cyclones as much as we do.

So come on over to the new site, reset your bookmarks, and get ready to head into a whole new world of blog-based Cyclone fandom. Come for the constant stream of information about the Cyclones, stay for the badly animated photoshops making fun of Texas.

From all of us here at Clone Chronicles, thank you so much for reading our little corner of the internet. We've had fun bringing it to you, and we hope you will join us on our move to

Every Yard for ISU,